Creative Ways to Spread the Message of Jesus Christ

Genesis Waters equips our ministry allies with a wide variety of resources, in an effort to allow them to select the best methods of evangelizing in their context.  We combine technology, pastor training, discipleship training seminars, printed materials, and/or anything else a national pastor or missionary thinks would best impact their local community.

Audio Bibles

Many of our water projects are accompanied by the provision of solar-powered audio Bibles in the tribal language of the local community. Because the people in many of our target areas are illiterate, these Bibles provide an easy way for a pastor or missionary to introduce the area to the Word of God.  The receivers are often amazed and overjoyed that God speaks their language!  We feel privileged to work with a number of different suppliers of these units all around the world and have access to almost any Bible or language resource that exists.


 Portable Film Projectors/Backpacks and the Jesus Film

 Often our ministry allies feel the best way to introduce the concept of Jesus to a community is through the use of a solar-powered movie projector and a film such as the Jesus Film (the story of Jesus as told in the book of Luke).  In those cases, we will provide the partner with a backpack setup similar to this.  The pastor or evangelist can then easily transport the system and use solar charged batteries to power both the projector and sound system.  Many people have come to know Jesus through this type of evangelism.  For more specific information you can visit our partner, Renew World Outreach or the Jesus Film Project.



WIFI HotSpot

Often in more dangerous or closed situations, our ministry allies will prefer something like a WiFi hot spot.  Cellphones are now available everywhere around the world, even in the most remote locations.  A portable WiFi system can either be mounted at a water site or carried by the pastor/evangelist who is using it.  The unit is a portable media distribution device that can get digital discipleship materials onto people’s phones in places that don’t have internet access. It copies microSD cards and creates a WiFi hotspot that phones can connect to and stream and download God’s word.

Discipleship Training/Teaching Conferences

Members of the Genesis Waters teams have travelled extensively around the world conducting and/or hosting training seminars in conjunction with our ministry allies.  These seminars have been used for various purposes–to evangelize and introduce Jesus, to train those who are already familiar with Christianity, to train pastors and evangelists and/or to train water committees.  Each Genesis Waters trip usually includes at least one type of training, but seminars are also conducted by friends of the ministry or leaders who have been hired to conduct them.