Shallow Well with Hand Pump

In many parts of the world, water can be reached fairly close to the surface (50-100 feet), but communities lack the resources to either drill for the water or pay for a pump for it.  In these cases, Genesis Waters is able to partner with these communities to provide both a well and a handpump.  The community is expected to partner with Genesis Waters in determining a location for the well, put together a water committee to repair and maintain it, and provide any needed resources for the construction of the well such as property, food and shelter for the drilling team, etc.  In return, the handpump and well become the property of the community and a symbol of the love that Christ has for them.  Our ministry partner in the area will then use the well as an open door into relationship with this community, and will be provided with a variety of resources for spreading the Gospel message into the community–Bibles, audio Bibles, film projection, literacy classes, church plants, etc.  Typically these projects range anywhere from $2,000-$8,000, depending on the area of the world.


Deep Well with Solar or Wind Powered Pumping System

In more remote or arid places in the world, drilling for water is extremely difficult.  In these cases, the water is sometimes located 800 to over 1000 feet below the ground.  When an ample source of water is found in these areas, we must install a more powerful method of pumping the water to the surface.  Since electricity is typically not available, Genesis Waters uses a variety of different pumping methods–typically either solar or wind-powered.

The agreement with the community is the same as with a small hand pump well.  The community must donate the land to drill on, and other resources as required and they are able–ranging from the labor to build a road for the drill rig to be able to reach the site, to digging ditches for pipes, collecting stones for fences or security for the pump after it is installed.  Once again, a water committee is formed, whose responsibility it is to maintain the site, to determine how costs of repairs will be handled, and to maintain peace and equity of usage among the entire community.  Often times, these larger installations have become the site of budding churches or Bible studies.  These types of wells are typically much more expensive and range from $25,000-$45,000.

Household Water Filtration Techniques

In addition to providing sources of water around the world, Genesis Waters also focuses on cleaning the water that people do have available to them.  Many areas of the world, particularly those located in unreached parts of Asia, have water available, but it is highly contaminated.  This contamination might be caused by human/animal waste, pollution, pesticides/fertilizers, or by toxic levels of naturally occuring elements in the water.

In either case, we work with a number of different technologies to provide filtration at the individual household level.  Typically the distribution of these filtration units is combined with a presentation of the message of Jesus by one of the national pastors or missionaries that we are working with in that area.  If appropriate, the household might also receive a Bible (printed or audio) in their native language, an offer for prayer for any of their needs, or a myriad of other opportunities for exposure to the Christian message.

These household filtration units start at only $20 per unit, and can last indefinitely with very simple and infrequent maintenance requirements.


Community Filtration

In the case of an entire community with contaminated water, Genesis Waters has the ability to partner with a number of different large scale filtration providers.  These units work by using air pressure to force water through a filter. Contamination is left behind in the filter – and because water is purified only when it’s needed there’s no chance of it being contaminated again.  The unit will filter about 2 million liters of water before needing cartridge replacement.

Water from any source can be quickly and effectively purified–Genesis Waters has used these units with rain water harvesting systems and by filtering water from a natural source, such as a stream or pond. 

Once again, the projects that are determined to be appropriate for large-scale filtration are always community led.  Water committees are formed and the community partners with us to own and maintain the water site.  Recognition for the project is given only to God, and our ministry partners, pastors and friends remain involved in the communities to reach the area for Christ.

Community Filtration units typically range in price from $12,000-$20,000.


Rain Harvesting Structures/Storage

An alternative way  of providing clean water to a community is through the harvesting of rain water.  Often, arid areas do get large amounts of rainfall, but only once or twice per year.  In areas where drilling is not possible or efficient, the leadership of Genesis Waters has worked with communities to install rain harvesting techniques and storage containers on existing buildings, or constructed simple structures just for that purpose where no buildings exist.  The structures are typically built on land donated by the villages themselves, and are then used as ministry outreach locations by our teammates.  A few have even become church buildings for weekly worship.

Prices for these types of projects have greatly varied. A very simple rain harvesting structure with tank can be provided for about $1,000, while a full-scale implementation placing gutters on every building in a compound may approach $20,000.


Community Water Collection/Distribution

Some of the larger and more unique projects that the leadership of Genesis Waters has been involved with are in the area of water collection and retention for an entire community, and then distributing this water to all members of that community.  One past project involved tapping a natural spring and pumping the water to a community storage tank and then to tapstands throughout the village.  Another completed project included the construction of a man-made lake,  and the provision of water to an agricultural training school located in a Muslim stronghold. As a result, many in this area are coming to know Christ, as well as learning both farming and evangelization techniques.

Projects like this are just examples of the lengths that both Genesis Waters and those we work with on the ground will go to in order to spread the good news of Christianity to the ends of the earth.  Thinking out of the box, while loving those who are served, can result in many unique ways of providing clean water to the least of these, and sharing the living water of Jesus Christ at the same time.