We are so thrilled to be hosting our 4th Annual Lug-A-Jug 6k at Cornerstone Church in Caledonia on September 17, 2023 at 3 p.m.!
Why 6K?
The average woman or child in Africa and many parts of Asia walks 6 kilometers to fetch their family’s daily water needs. We’re asking you and your family/team to do it just this once, but those we provide water to do it every single day!
Why Lug-a-Jug?
We are encouraging you to form a team or do it as an entire family! We will be providing you with a jug of water at race packet pickup day. Your team is then being asked to somehow get this one jug of water the entire 6 kilometers. You can strap it to yourself, carry it on your head, take turns carrying it, attach wheels to it, or carry it on your favorite donkey or camel! Bonus points for creative lugging!
The Run is $30 per participant, which includes a race t-shirt, race bib, a water jug, a shaved ice and some other little goodies. All profits from the race will go directly towards providing a water well, so that at least one village of people no longer has to walk this far to fetch their water.